Family Stories

A friend recommended a fascinating article from the New York Times called  The Stories That Bind Us.  Have you read it?  The piece is about the discovery of the importance of a healthy family narrative and its impact on the emotional well-being of children.  

The researchers developed a measure called “Do You Know?”, a set of 20 questions that ranged from Do you know where your grandparents grew up? to Do you know where your parents met? and Do you know the story of your birth?


It turns out that the more a child knows of their family history, the more control they feel over their lives.  The scale turned out to be the biggest predictor of a child’s emotional well-being and happiness.  Isn’t that amazing?



Quinn at the Zurich-see

The article is timely for me.  This family has been in huge transition for the past six months:  We have added a new baby to the family, lost a job, gained a new job, sold our home, packed or donated everything we own, said good-bye to family and friends, moved across the world, and immersed ourselves into a new culture and language.  We are tired!  😉

Every day we try to check in with the older kids to make sure they are doing well.  The little ones need an extra dose of cuddling too.  While we are in the midst of this great experiment and creating new stories, this article is a great reminder of the importance of family history.   Tonight we will add a bedtime story to our routine…

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