Trip to the grocery



Those of you that know us well know that we love good food. (I sometimes like to show my love for food on my hips. 🙂 Some of our favorite experiences in our new home city so far have been finding food at the markets.  There are little shops like the one above, and larger chain grocery stores, and really wonderful outdoor markets (I’ll share on this another time!). 



Prices are the much the same as shopping at a food co-op in the States, and sometimes quite different.  Huge bottles of sparkling mineral water?  Amazing bars of chocolate?  Fresh , warm baguette?  Organic tea?  Super cheap!  A bottle of mineral water is about 25 cents.  And Swiss chocolate — about 80 cents each.  Oh…it is all so good.  

It’s Switzerland, so some grocery items are more expensive, such as meats and cheese and milk.  Livestock is more time, space, and energy-intensive to care for, so all in all, I guess it makes sense that it cost more to produce.   We eat a little less meat and a little more bread and chocolate.  It all works out.  Each time I pick up a package of this or that I get a little kick out of seeing the Swiss flag representing something produced in the country. It tastes better, I swear!






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