Bahnofstrasse Zurich

We have only been in Switzerland a short time (10 weeks, at last count!), but have had to use the healthcare system six times already!  Wow, I hadn’t actually counted until just now.  That’s a lot for such a short time period.

The week we arrived Jillian developed an infection and was feeling absolutely rotten.  It was 5:00pm on a Saturday night, and we quickly realized that we didn’t know who to call or what to do.  Not even our pediatrician in Minnesota would be available for a phone consultation.   So thank goodness for the internet!  

In Zurich, at the Bahnofstrasse (train station) no less, is a walk-in Urgent Care clinic.  Peter took our girl to the clinic, but because it was quite busy was directed to a kinder version across the street where they guaranteed she would be seen immediately.

Some new friends of ours have used this clinic, called Permanence, and it sounds like the physicians even handle folks with broken bones and cardiac problems!  Glad we haven’t had to deal with that.  

We hadn’t yet signed up for the compulsory health insurance, but received great care — Jillie was seen by a Pediatric Surgeon who was on-call, and the rest of the staff were equally professional.  A dose of antibiotics and some ibuprofen and she was feeling as good as new.  And front desk staff apologized for the bill — because it was emergency service which included lab work, ultrasound, and all medications.   The bill was $185.  Can you believe that?




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  1. Hi Kimberly! I’m the Audrey from Design Mom’s comment on the French souvenir post. So happy to find you ~ it’s so interesting to read about someone else’s experience living in Switzerland. I opened your blog, saw only the top photo and said, “Oh there’s the Zurich Bahnofstrasse!”. I lived in Zug (only about 20 minutes away) back in the mid and late 90’s. I was young and straight out of college and moved there to live with my boyfriend (now husband). He’s not Swiss but lived there for about 12 years ~ he went to school at the American International School of Zurich. I was not actually legal when I lived in Switzerland so I couldn’t work. You can imagine the free time I had and all the exploring I did. It makes me sad there was no such thing as a blog back then (at least not that I knew of!) ~ I’d love to have this type of record of my experience. Luckily, my in-laws live there so we visit every year or two. Most of my “Swiss souvenirs” come from Migro (where I shopped almost entirely). There are so many ~ they have the best dinner napkins (sounds silly but my friends and family always love them!), Kinder eggs, chocolates and candies that are store brand but yummy and cute, candles, Smarties, they even sell a small Smartcar Post “Matchbox” type car that I always buy as souvenirs for kids. That is a HUGE hit and it’s something SO SWISS. There are tons and I’ll try to think of a decent list and send it to you! When we make it over for our next trip (debating another trip there this summer), we should meet up. We spend a lot of time in Zurich when we’re in Switzerland….my kids love the lake and Sprungli…..and I’m rather fond of the food hall in Globus. We also love the Altstadt. Oh, and Hiltl just happens to be my favorite restaurant EVER! Been there yet? So happy to find your blog and I look forward to hearing about your Swiss adventures!!! Oh….have you been to Lindenhof Square/Park, up on the hill above the river? I LOVE IT THERE and they have a sweet little hidden playground there as well. Okay, need to sign off now…..I could literally go on all day!!!

    • Audrey, THANK YOU! 🙂 This list is wonderful. Moments ago I was eating Migros-brand Stracciatella ice cream, and we LOVE the house brand chocolate. You are so sweet to make this list. So much to look forward to!


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