Lucerne, Switzerland :: Part I


Frohe Ostern!

Yesterday, Easter Monday, we hopped on the train to Lucerne, Switzerland.  The trip was much faster than we expected — Quinn brought along his new UNO card game and we barely had time to try to decipher the rules in German before it was time to pack it all back up!  The sun was finally shining after a week of gloomy, gray skies which made it a nice day for an excursion.

There was so much to see, but first I want to share some photos of the Franciscan Church in Lucerne.  The ‘Franziskanerkirche’ has remained almost entirely unchanged since being built in about 1270.




Check out this massive pipe organ!  The photo doesn’t do it justice.


And the photo above is the bellows to the pipe organ.  Before electricity, the bellows needed to be operated by hand and often churches would use children.  When the organist needed more air, they would sometimes indicate by pulling a chain and the children would either pump by hand or by jumping on the platform!  Isn’t that great?  


I was almost done touring the cathedral when Jillian came up to me and asked if I had seen the ‘corpse’ in the side chapel.  I didn’t believe it, but ….


There he was, Saint Celestine, encased and shrouded in jewels.  Sorry if this offends anyone, but the whole thing was definitely creepy.  And he had a very Captain Jack Sparrow look about him,  which only confused me emotionally.  The only time I’ve been this up close to a preserved body was at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Have you seen the Egyptian mummy?  As a kid it terrified me!  

What would you think if you came across something like this?  

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