Behind our home is a walking path that leads to the village-next-door:  Oberreiden. 

Last week, while the weather was kind, Peter and I took the littlest ones for a walk to visit the sheep and chickens who live in this charming little pasture.  



Sebastian and Angelique rent this little farm from a retired ‘Bio’ farmer who owns the entire 100 or so acres.  Sebastian has a 50-year rental agreement (from what I could understand) and uses the land to raise a little bit of this and that.  Next week brings a dozen more baby chicks.  






I love how open green areas are incorporated near to the villages.  From almost wherever you are, there is a park or pasture nearby.

We are really loving having this space just minutes away — a heartwarming slice of home.  

And Ellen, as she does in so many ways, forges her own path.

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