Swiss Chocolate


When I hear the word ‘Swiss’, a few things come to mind:  Banking, all things dairy/cows pasturing, and chocolate.  



Why bother with false modesty — the Swiss are the best chocolatiers in the world.  It’s just a fact.  🙂  And the Swiss are quite serious about it.  You can take a chocolate train to a Swiss dairy and castle, visit any town or city in Switzerland to visit a unique chocolate artisan, and even bathe in it.  (Which actually sounds pretty awesome.)



Peter played an Easter gig in a neighboring village and as a gift they gave him a small satchel of their specialty chocolate pictured above.  Outside the service was a huge round table literally stacked with thousands of dollars worth of Lindt chocolate to celebrate the end of Lent.  He was able to restrain himself, but there were a few university students that definitely pocketed some chocolate.


“Nine out of ten people like chocolate.  The tenth is lying.”  (Graffiti scrawled on a wall)Image

We have been having a great time eating our way through the chocolate aisle at the grocery store.  It’s become one of those staple items along with bread, milk, and eggs.  And while some things are definitely more expensive than in Minnesota, others, like chocolate and wine, are less costly.  And soooooo good.





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