Love, and National Poetry Month


I misspoke when I wrote previously that the Tonhalle Orchestra is the reason that we are living in Switzerland.   The real reason we are here is because of this man.  

Please note:  This man is entirely modest, and despite the necessity of being the center of attention while performing, might not enjoy the spotlight with regard to what I’m about to write/say.  If this post disappears within a few hours, you’ll know why.  But write on, I will….


We were young and probably not a little bit foolish, but determined and blissfully in love.  As I recall, Peter’s mode of transportation in the day was a bicycle.  I think he had a Driver’s License, but it didn’t matter.  He worked at a movie theater at the time and always smelled like butter.  Who doesn’t love butter?


He invited me to watch him perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with his high school orchestra and took me to lunch afterward.  That was it.  I was head-over-heels for the guy.  He makes me laugh — like, deep belly laughs and smiles until my cheeks hurt, and he surprises me with flowers and love poems and ice cream.  He is an amazing, sensitive, and generous-with-hugs father to our four kids.  




He is the one that has made this life that we share possible.  He does it with grace and integrity and perseverance, a good (and often wicked) sense of humour, and love.

And because the world needs more love, and it’s National Poetry Month, here is something lovely that was tucked into my laptop case this morning.  It is beautiful and should be shared.


Since We Loved


Since we loved, – (the earth that shook

As we kissed, fresh beauty took) –

Love hath been as poets paint, 

Life as heaven is to a saint;

All my joys my hope excel, 

All my work hath prospered well, 

All my songs have happy been, 

O my love, my life, my queen.


Robert Bridges



4 thoughts on “Love, and National Poetry Month

  1. So pretty and ever so sweet. We love Peter, too.
    I do remember wondering what the heck was going on at your wedding when Peter bolted from the altar to the balcony to serenade us all…I was relieved when I figured out what he was doing!
    You two are such a great example for all of us to follow.
    Much love, XO.

  2. I love your wedding picture, Kimberly. I remember the day you told me the story about you and Peter – how you met and how you bravely followed your hearts and got married young.

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