Well-Kept Travel Secret?

ImageAirstream Trailer – Wimberley, Texas

How would you like to stay in a castle in Galway, Ireland for the night?  How about a treehouse in Thailand?  A vintage beer barrel in Turkey?  These are some of the more extreme and unique examples of what is available on AirBnB.com.


large copy

We have used AirBnB a few times and have been very happy with each place.  The first time was a houseboat on a canal in Amsterdam, then a two-bedroom flat in the center of London, and a week-long stay in a 3 bedroom apartment in Paris near the Louvre.  Most recently we used them for our interim housing when we first arrived in Zurich.  Each time, the location has been great and we’ve had use of a full, working kitchen for the same price as a standard hotel.  And for a large family like ours, this resource has been a godsend.



Have you used AirBnb?  Would you ever try any of the more exotic offerings?  🙂  We are getting our summer travel plans in order right now — Milan?  Paris?  Barcelona?  The world is a big and wonderful place, isn’t it?

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