May 1st is Swiss Labour Day / International Worker’s Day


Happy May Day!  Here in Switzerland this means that all the shops, except for Starbucks, are closed for the day to honor Swiss Labour Day.  



Switzerland has a smaller number of worker’s belonging to trade unions (about 25%) than it’s European counterparts.  In Finland, a whopping 70% of workers belong to a union!  


We are spending the day in a manner fitting the US Labor Day:  Kicking back with a glass of wine (for me) and beer (for Peter).  The kids are drinking Apfelshorle and running around the playground like animals.  

Thinking of all of those today, and those before us, that have helped to eradicate poor working conditions and instituted child labor laws.  Raising my glass to those who fight for fair pay and job security.  Cheers! 



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