Travel by Boat



Without a doubt, my new favorite way to travel by public transit in Zurich is the ZVV Schiff.  The Zurich public transportation system includes all the usual suspects:  trains, buses, trams / streetcars.  Then, one day someone mentioned traveling by boat.  And it turned out that we have an easy port right in our village!  So easy!


We don’t have a car here, and don’t plan to get one.  There have been only a few times that using a car would have been a convenience, but so far the public transportation system has been excellent.  And the boat system is a huge perk!   


The kids love it!   There’s a restaurant on the lowest level, restrooms, a bar, and several sun decks.  Check out the inside:





If he wants to, Peter can pick up the boat from home and arrive at the Tonhalle about 20 minutes later.  Anyone who comes to visit us will definitely have to take a boat ride …  it’s just a requirement!

Anyone know of other cities with this kind of public transit?  



One thought on “Travel by Boat

  1. This looks like great fun and is so practical. Can it be used during the Winter as well?
    The kids are sure growing. Thanks for sharing Kim.

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