Forest School :: Waldschule


Yesterday we got our first glimpse of the Forest Classroom!  Over the past 12 or so weeks that the kids have been in Swiss school, they’ve been taken into the forest for various school projects — to celebrate the start of Spring, for hikes and to roast sausages, and to build bridges.


Over the course of two days, Jillian’s class studied bridges and experimented with ways to build them.  Starting small, they first used bits of clay or jumbo marshmallows as ‘piers’ and bamboo skewers and sticks to create a model.



Then, using larger pieces of wood and cable ties, the class was given tools — and minimal instruction — to create a full size version!


To celebrate the construction, parents and family were invited to bring cake and drinks to share.  I wish that I had taken a photo of the drinks!  We brought some sparkling water and Apfelshorle (carbonated apple juice).  The other parents brought Prosecco and a case of wine!  Good times.

We all got a chance to test the bridges.  A little scary at first.  I admit that baby Frederick wasn’t allowed to cross the bridge….baby in a cold stream seemed like a bad idea.  The bridges were surprisingly strong!

Then the kids (with help from the parents) took their bridges apart, cut off all the cable ties, and made a bonfire.  We ate cake, drank wine, and enjoyed nature.  What a great experience!





2 thoughts on “Forest School :: Waldschule

  1. What a great experience for the kids. Nice way for them to learn how to work together to achieve a goal. Thanks for sharing and glad Fredrick stayed on dry land!

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