Farm in the City

ImageThe other day as we walked to the forest for Jillian’s bridge-building celebration, out of nowhere we heard sheep baaa-ing.  We were walking next to a corporate office of some sort, so this took me by surprise.  



We’ve been here long enough, so I don’t know why I’m still surprised to see farm animals in small patches of grass alongside a busy street.  Or on a corporate lawn. 



Throughout the city, there are barns and tiny pastures, seemingly, everywhere.  And all that separates them from the busy streets are little strips of electric fencing.  Which has been a fun experience — keeping Ellen’s hands away from the fence.  Quinn, always inquisitive wants to know exactly what it feels like when the fence current comes around.  I admit, after trying to dissuade him from asking for the tenth time, just tell him to go ahead and touch it and get it over with!  So he does.  ‘Oh, so that’s what it feels like!’, he says.  🙂







3 thoughts on “Farm in the City

  1. Thanks for the posts Kim. The pictures and information is neat. An airport near here is using goats to keep their grass mowed and fertilized. Makes sense to me. Hugs to all. love, Muggs

  2. HI! I am here! we have been busy but enjoy reading you’re stories,but I would like to see more pics of the family-is that possible? Will talk later,LOVE DAD!!
    Hi from Julia!

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