First Love

Quinn:   “Mama, will you be angry if I tell you something?”

Me:  “Depends on what it is.” 

Quinn:  “I have a girlfriend.”  (he’s 8, okay?)


Peter:  “What does it mean to you to have a girlfriend?”

Quinn:  “It means that we love each other and want to be together when we are grown up.”

Peter and I exchange a look.  It’s a pretty good response.

Me:  “How old is this girl?”

Quinn:  “I don’t know.”

Me:  Hmm.  Peter and I exchange another look.

Me:  “What’s her name?”

Quinn:  “It’s my friend Réné’s older sister.”

Me:  “Okay, but what is her name?”

Quinn:  (smiling sheepishly) “I don’t know.”


Peter:  “You might want to know her name before making any long-term plans.”



One thought on “First Love

  1. Advice to Quinn-get thru childhood first, then college, then get a job and THEN look for a girlfriend 🙂 He surely is a thinker isn’t he. You will never have a dull moment. love, Muggs

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