Italy: Part II

We found a charming old apartment on AirBnB.  The stairs (there was no elevator, of course!) were totally wonky and crooked from hundreds of years of settling soil.  To get inside the flat we climbed four stories of narrow stone stairs, crossed a rickety-feeling terrace/balcony, and then to a massive doorway.


The apartment was light-filled with massive wooden beams and plaster walls.  And best of all, big enough for the six of us!


Brera neighborhood:  Great for some authentic Italian shopping.  If I had a dollar for everytime some classic looking Italian woman rode by on a bicycle with charming wicker basket, I’d be…many dollars richer.  However, despite the high heels, they move pretty quickly and I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough to catch one.  🙂


And gelato!


Be-bop Pizzaria

And, I couldn’t believe it!  A fantastic GLUTEN-FREE pizza place!



202 The Grill

And, even more beyond belief — the BEST hamburger and french fries.  Ever.  (How is that possible?  In Italy???)


Fantastic pasta and pizza, gelato, burgers and a random sushi lunch.

Everyone left Milan very happy.


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