Italy: Part III


For an adventure, during the final days of our trip to Italy we made our way to the Lake Como region and stayed at an Agriturismo (Agricultural Tourism).   It was great!  


According to Rick Steves:  “By renting rooms to travelers, farmers can make ends meet, remain on their land, and continue to produce food. A peaceful home base for exploring the region, these rural Italian B&Bs are ideal for those traveling by car — especially families.”

Except, we didn’t rent a car.  Actually I tried to find a car, but there weren’t any big enough for us all to fit into, so instead the owners of the inn gave us a lift to and from town.

That was its own adventure!




First we all piled into a late ’80’s Fiat.  Seven people.  This car:



Then, after a very bumpy (and scary) drive up a steep mountainside, we transferred to the back of an old tractor.




At a point everyone had to make sure their hands were safely inside the tractor to avoid having them clipped off by the narrow stone walls the tractor passed through.  



For some perspective on size, this is me with the stroller.  



But once we were at the inn, we settled into a peaceful day.  The farm produces honey, meats and cheese.  The meals were outrageous and delicious.  The mother and grandmother made cakes for breakfast.  Quinn was in heaven.  🙂



Except for the nail-biting, jaw-clenching trip up and down the mountain, the trip to the Como region was relaxing.  A beautiful way to end the trip to Italy.



4 thoughts on “Italy: Part III

    • Thanks! We did have a wonderful time. But as you know, there is no substitute for family and friends nearby, or the comfort of sleeping in one’s own bed. 🙂 Love you!

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