Book of the Week — Bloomability

Bloomability.  I am in love with this book. 

A few years ago my dear friend Bekah introduced me to a new author.  Technically, Sharon Creech is probably a children’s author, but her books are for everyone, any age.  So when I saw Creech’s name pop up in our e-Book library, we happily reserved ‘Bloomability’.


Let me just lay it out:  It’s a wonderful story.   The book is about a young girl who is “kidnapped” by her aunt and uncle and taken to Lugano, Switzerland to where they are helping run an international school. 


A few years ago the Minnesota Orchestra made a stop on their European Tour to Lugano.  We were only there for two days, but I remember it so vividly.  I swear to you, the air actually shimmers gold.  Palm trees, blue water, and snow-capped mountains — it’s magical. 


We borrowed a small boat for an hour and cruised Lake Lugano with the kids.  The smell of the air, the light, the calm that over all of us.  That hour is imprinted as one of my fondest family memories.

 The story of Domenica Santolina Doone (“Dennie” ) — suddenly uprooted and finding her way surrounded by people from different backgounds, cultures, and beliefs — well, let’s just say that each night as we read another chapter, the book is a time for us to have meaningful conversations about experiences we are sharing.  We, too, are finding our way and realizing all of our own “bloomabilities”.

 P.S.  How much does the UK cover of the book look like Rachel from Glee?  🙂