Into The Woods

ImageSorry for disappearing for a while!  Since I last wrote, a few irksome things have happened…several new teeth (no sleep + cranky baby), an ear infection for Quinn, a mild head concussion for Jillian, and touch of post-partum depression for me.  All in all, nothing too serious, but frankly it has felt like we have been treading water for the past few weeks.

There have been some bright spots in all of this, and that has included a wonderful day with new friends and a trip to their Waldschule.  I wrote about our kids’ experiences hiking into the forest for school days, but this is a real Forest School!  The photos ARE the school.  There is no heated lodge and bathroom cropped out of the frame of these pictures.  Rain, sun, snow, thunderstorm — the kids are here.  The old German saying is that “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”.  



Here is the music and dance “room”.


This forest school didn’t exist in the area, so our new friend Johannes decided to start it.  Kids attend the school until they are ready for Kindergarten, which is either age 6 or 7 in Switzerland.  The forest school is made up of mixed ages, but this particular classroom is for 2-6 year olds.  


 The logistics of all of this is a lot to wrap my brain around:  the place is not fenced, and on cold weather days they build a fire for warmth.  On the other side of this is a steep ravine and a stream.  How do they manage all of this with multiple small children?  But, what a magical way to spend childhood.